Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Read Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Two Breakthrough Hair Loss Solutions

There are two popular methods in which a woman suffering from hair loss can add length and texture to the hair she has left. One is via the Intralace System™ and the other is through Medi Connections™. Both are effective, and each has its own set of applications, advantages, and limitations. Reading Lucinda Ellery reviews will better inform you which one is more suitable to your particular situation. That said, here are some basic information on the two treatments to get you started.

Intralace System™

The Intralace System™ involves placing a mesh gently on the scalp area where hair loss exists. The mesh, which is made of ultra-fine material that contains additional human hair, is integrated into natural hair without the need to cut or shave any hair. Intralace System™ is designed mainly for women who are experiencing moderate to severe hair loss.

The Intralace System™ is ideal for you if…

Once the Intralace System™ is in place, it makes for a very sturdy and reliable hair loss solution. If you’re into the active lifestyle, then this option is for you. Feel free to take part in rigorous physical activities such as running, biking, and even swimming without worrying about your hair replacement.

Medi Connections™

As a form of hair extensions, Medi Connections™ are comparatively finer and more delicate than their traditional counterparts. Medi Connections™ extensions are attached to a person's scalp as close as possible so they can naturally mix and move with the person's own hair. Aside from extending hair, they can provide volume and create highlighting or lowlighting effects.

Medi Connections™ is ideal for you if…

The solution is intended for women with mild to moderate hair loss, and even for those with very fine hair. Women with conditions such as mild alopecia areata or telogen effluvium are good candidates for Medi Connections™ treatment.

Regardless of which method you choose, you can achieve a fuller, longer head of hair with either of them. A consultation with a hair loss solutions provider like Lucinda Ellery Consultancy is necessary so that a true hair loss expert can evaluate your scalp and recommend the best mode of treatment. Read online Lucinda Ellery reviews to find out how you can best get in touch with these experts and make an appointment.

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